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Recorded Radio Shows?

November 15th, 2013 9:37 PM by Eric Fang

I listened to a financial radio show while driving
home this afternoon. And I was surprised to find
that this is a "recorded" program. And the host in
the program were talking about the dow down 200 points
and the employment job numbers were so bad,etc.

For any of programs related to the market, those
programs can not be recorded and re-played. It will
confuse the listeners as well. And it also talked
about the "prediction" of the interests of 6.5%
the end of 2014, blah and blah.

For the interest rates, it trades within the range.
So we should lock when the rate is low. I locked
4% for 30 yr fixed for my clients; 4.25% for high
balance recently as well. And some more in the pipeline
to wait when the rate is lower.

There are some changes for me recently. First, I
will run first marathon 3 weeks later. And my training
is almost over. This Saturday will be my last long run.
And I will take  a rest for 3 weeks(Technically two weeks.
Another race of half marathon on Dec 23rd). And also,
mr broker license needs to be renewed, and the DRE
asked me to complete 45 hours of continue education
classes. I will have to spend about 180 hours on this.
So it will take me about one month.

The good news for the business is that my business
volume picked up. Starting from SEptemeber, I can close
more than 10 loans each month now. It is very good
for this bleak season.

And also, I started corresponding loans. So we will close
the loans with the line and re-sell to the investors. The
closing will be more smoothly and the rate is better
than most of the competitors.

The raining season is not here yet. Enjoy the good weather
in this beautiful fall season(will be winter if it rains).

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Posted by Eric Fang on November 15th, 2013 9:37 PM



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