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The show will continue, and I will start the regular training.

October 18th, 2020 11:37 AM by Eric Fang

I told my wife today that I wasted my beautiful morning on running. Ran a 2 hour half marathon, and another 45 minutes to take a rest, and still did not touch any of the loans. I know I still need to work on 5 other loans.

Planned to run 50 half marathons this year. The link is here: But I did not run much during the summer since I had to focus on the funding. I was afraid the funder would request something from me, and if I could not get to her right away, then I would delay the closing. That's why i closed lots of loans in the past a few months. But I think I need a change, the loans are not that important. And I think the good health, the exercise is more important.

I would run a marathon myself on 01/08/2021 or 01/09/2021 to celebrate my birthday. Starting next year, to qualify Boston is a piece of cake for me now, the real reason is because of my age. I am not sure whether this a good thing, or bad.

I registered Napa Marathon this morning. It is supposed to take place on March 7th, 2021. I hope I could run, but it is ok if the race would be deferred again. But I would pretend the race will continue so I will train as scheduled.  And the most important thing was I registered London Marathon for October. Hopefully I can run by then.

I do not know whether you can read to the end of this blog, and the most important one, about the interest rate: I think the rate will keep going down. Let's get ready and take whatever the market gives.

And the last thing, the real estate market is very hot. It is very hard to get a property in Irvine, San Diego, Seattle, Truckee, and Tahoe. I heard that the Tahoe market is up 30% to 40% this year.

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Posted by Eric Fang on October 18th, 2020 11:37 AM



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