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Lower Interest Rates in 2015?
February 24th, 2015 9:59 PM

I subscribed one newsletter over the weekend. And that person had some crazy idea that the interest rate will go lower in 2015.

I know a lot of people will not believe it. But I read his archived newsletter for 2014. He did mention that even in 2014, he said that the interest rate should be lower at the end of 2014.

And he has 9 reasons for it. And I will post it later on in another blog.

I am collecting some loan application(about 10 now) and wait for some low interest rates. I think I should be able to get most of them. I will get a very good rate for my client(forgot to lock it today).

I also locked another loan for 2.75% for 5/1 ARM with $500k for LTV<=60%. Yes, I still have this rate. This loan program is good for those clients who already have 5/1 ARM 2.5% to 2.875% and needs to refinance soon.

Also, I am waiting for 3.875% to 4% rate for the rental refi. Let's see whether I can get it.

Ebooks are good. But it is not good for the eyes. I read a few ebooks recently. But my eyes felt the pain, and this might be the reason for my tension headache as well. So I change to audio books and hard copies. Finished the book Jack: straight from the gut. And  I am reading "Hedgehogging", very interesting stories about the wallstreet ledge funds and the managers etc.

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