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Lower Interest Rates for the new Year?
January 4th, 2016 10:55 AM
I did not realize that I did not write a blog for the past two weeks. It is not bad to catch on starting the new year.

First, hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Normally I would like to write a summary for the past year, and how/what I do for the new year. And I think I would still finish it, just for my own records. But I will continue some of it here.

For the year 2015, overall it is a great year for me. I completed running of 2188 miles, finished 4 Marathons and 3 Half Marathons, and one 10k. I PR on both Marathon and the Half Marathon. And I qualified for Boston. So it is indeed a good year for the running. I do not care too much about my qualification for Boston, but I am so proud of myself for lower my half marathon for almost 3 minutes. I did not even think about that before, and I did it. And for the business side, my volume increased 20%, the loan size increased 10%. It was also a success, considering so many piles I put to the running.

So to prepare for the year of 2016, I did not go anywhere for the break, just some short trips to Carmel and San Francisco. And I think I would take advantage more of San Francisco in the future, when I saw so many tourists came to our town during the holidays, then why we go to their towns?

Let's go back to the business. So I took a few days to read Fannie Mae seller's guideline.
This is a good preparation for the start of the new year and to get familiar with the new lender changes etc. I know the lending industry should have another good year.

Every year, I would have new year resolution, and I would list 20 books etc, but I could not finish them all, or I replaced some books on the list to running related. I do not have a list for this year, instead I would try to read newspaper everyday. I know it is hard. I tried to finish reading Wall Street Journal, but it is hard to read them all, I think I need to skip some of them. But still it is very interesting to read.

As for the investment, I still just play "fool", mainly to purchase vanguard index funds. The only individual stock I would be interested, it would be NKE, if the stock drops a little bit more.

For the interest rate, Fed might increase 1% this year. But the interest rate might not go that high. I know I have lots of clients are watching the rate now, and they will refinance the ARM when it gets better. 

And the last, running. I will run another 4 marathons this year. I would run Napa in March, Portland in Oct. And the other two: San Francisco in July, CIM in December. But there is one change, I will only train for 4 days a week, lower the volume, but still hope I can keep the same momentum.

Wish everyone have another great year. 

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