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Interest rate went up a little bit(Sep 13th, 2016)

September 13th, 2016 1:53 PM by Eric Fang

I can not understand the market now. When the stock market is(was) down, so will be the interest rate. But it was different for last Friday and today. The market was down, and the interest rate went up. When did the money go? Maybe cash? Wow. In that case, the stock market will go down in Oct? 

Still pretty busy recently, not because of the loans. I already closed more loans this year than last year, and there are 4 months left. My CPA is working on my business tax return and personal tax returns, this is still on the schedule. My daughter is working on her essays, a few days a week. The whole process made her feel struggle a little bit, and it is common for most of the seniors. Since they will dream big, and spent more time on "dream" schools, then the process will make them nervous until the admission process completed. I told my daughter any school on the list is a good school, so we should be happy about any one of them. But still we need to attend the information night. And this week we will go to two of them, one is Tuesday night, another one is Thursday night. Hopefully we can get more info from the college reps.

Tried to complete "The Small Big" recently. And I was thing about what changes I should make? Come early for all appointments? And address my clients name in the email? I am not sure whether the 2nd one will positively affect my client management. 

I stopped running for about two weeks mainly because of the pain on the right leg. It might be ITBS. I did a lot of stretches and foam rolling recently. And I picked up 4 miles yesterday, and 4 miles today. Even though I still felt pain on the 2nd mile, I was able to run 2nd and 4th mile with pace of 8. A very positive sign for the recovery. Though I will run slow, I am still looking forward to my Portland Marathon.
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Posted by Eric Fang on September 13th, 2016 1:53 PM



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