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How is my service?
April 15th, 2010 12:31 AM

A few days ago, I read a book about FedEx.
According to one of the founders,Frank Maguire,
"We are not in the 'delivery' business.. but in the
business of 'peace of mind'. Our clients' biggest
fear was late delivery". That's the difference between
FedEx and some other delivery companies.

When I started my business as a mortgage broker/agent,
since I was new, I need to define my strength and try
to find out how to beat the competitions.

You should have heard about the following 4Cs.
1)CONSUMER needs and wants
2)COST to satisfy consumers

Here is how I did
1)I used my financial back ground(MBA from one of the top
colleges in China 20 years ago) to help my clients to choose
a better loan program; Help the planning not just for this
purchase, but also future refinance, rental purchase, move up, etc.

2)Tried to help save the most money for the clients.
My process flow is one of the best in the industry, so
my average cost/time on the average loan is low
so that I can help client to get better rates

3)Most of the refinances signed at clients home

4)All the communications by email. So at least my clients
will have a copy of my promise of the service and the rates.

And the most important thing is the commitment of the rate
and the service, you will have a "pece of mind" during the
whole process and don't have to worry about not being able
to get the rate I promised. And my clients can get the best
rate because of my knowledge about the bond market.

And for my clients, you can submit your survey here.

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