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Did I get it right?
May 24th, 2017 11:18 PM
My neighbor will sell their house. And it is a private sale, which is not bad. And it sells quickly.
They did a lot of remodeling recently. It is not just for one people, it is a general idea for some people who wants to sell the house, they remodel the house, clean it, and then sell it, to hope for a better price. But I did not see an "entertainment" in those sentences. You should enjoy the house you will stay, so normally I will do the remodeling, re-design the house whenever I stay so that I can enjoy it. It is just my personal opinion.

It is very similar to a loan I completed a few weeks ago. The house was not properly maintained. The lender would not approve the loan if the house termite was not fixed, and the roof was not replaced. If I were the owner, I would do it at the beginning, no need the lender to mention that to me.

Anyway, different people has different opinions. I still think it is easier to fix small problems until it becomes a big one.

Anyway, I did not update the blogs for one week. It normally happened when I had a race. Yes, I did have a wonderful experience with Denver Marathon. It was my 14th, and number 4 of the 50 states. My finish time was 4:01. Not bad at all since I was still number 22 of 89 in my age group. And I ran with my wife for the first 6.5 miles. She ran the marathon relay with a group of friends. I managed to run 11 minutes faster in 2nd half(I finished 1st half in 2:06).

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