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Another good year or bad year?
January 17th, 2016 10:00 PM
We do not know. But normally if the stock market is very bad, then the mortgage business should be ok or better since the interest rate will be good.

If you followed my blogs, You will find that I am supporter of low interest rates, even if the Fed increase the rates. That's why I purchased some bonds last May(around 12% of the total assets). And it turned out that's the only good investment I had in 2015.

I am working hard the past week since the mortgage business picked up. So I think I will spend more time on the loans, instead of the running. But anyway, I changed my training already. I would run only 4 days a week, though the weekly mileage is still around 50 miles.

Worked on my marathon plans over the weekend, I will add Denver Marathon for 2017. And added one half marathon race for big sur half marathon on Nov 13th. One 20 miler on Nov 6th. So I have all the 2017, 2016 marathons scheduled. See the link here for the details.

I also reviewed all my prospect files for the year of 2015. I was surprised that I still kept all the scenarios. And surprised to find out that the rate did not change too much, though 5/1ARM is higher. I expect the rate will stay the same, or even lower when the stock market is sharply lower.

For the stock market, I "tried to" average down, but instead I listened to my friend's advice to hoard more cash for big down days, though I will still average down for the retirement account. The only I regretted that I did not do was to sell the 401k accounts last year. Those accounts did not have tax issues.

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