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3 Marathons within 80 days, and the interest rates

July 19th, 2016 11:19 PM by Eric Fang

I know I need to update the interest rates, otherwise, no one will read my blogs.

One clients asked me about the possibility of 2.5% for 15 yr fixed with no closing cost at all. 
I told her that the chance is low, unless there is a stock market crash.

I met a friend over the weekend. We worked together in the company Broadbase/Kana Software around the year 2000. We did experience the dotcom bubbles, and both of us were laidoff. He went to a startup, and was acquired by another company, and becomes a full-time stock trader since then. Soon after I got laidoff, I became a mortgage broker. One common thing between us, we both have more free time, I like running, and he likes hiking. But his job seems better(schedule-wise), and my job is saver. I will never lose money from my job. We did talk a lot about the stock market, this is his expertise now, and I did learn a lot from him.

One thing I learn from him was to prepare everything ahead of time. We can not predict whether Brexit was successful or not. But we need to have a plan what we should do if the Brexit was successful. What we should do it it were not. That's actual a very important guideline for the stock trading. And history does repeat, even the human beiings' stupidity.

Fr=or me, if I want to hedge the market, I should buy the stock(or some good stocks). I should not worry about the market. If the stock market crashes, then the interest rate will be good, and I can make more money from the business.

Anyway, back to my running.  I talked to Luke Humphrey(author of the book: Hansons Marathon Method) about my training. We talked about my inconsistent pace between my half marathon and Marathon. My half marathon PR pace was 7:05. But My marathon PR Pace was 7:52. He suggested me to train with the pace 7;30, eventually.

I will have my San Francisco Marathon on July 31st. Santa Rosa Marathon on August 28. Portland Marathon on Oct 9th. So I plan to run SF with the finish time 3:30. Santa Rosa with the finish time 3:23. And Portland also around 3:23. But I think I will try to run one marathon with finish time around 3:20, though I could reach my potential of 3:16. 

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Posted by Eric Fang on July 19th, 2016 11:19 PM



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