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15 Yr fixed Rate, readings and the overall interest rate

October 10th, 2016 5:19 PM by Eric Fang

First, the interest rate went up for the last a few days. But still the rates are pretty good, just a little bit higher than the history lows.

I still accept the loan application for 15 yr fixed 2.75% for high balance loans with no closing cost at all. Though we do not have this rate at this moment, I am pretty confident that we can lock the rate in the near future.

There are different opinions about the interest rate trends in the next a few weeks/months. It is almost certain that Fed will increase the rate on Dec meeting. But it does not mean the mortgage rate will have to increase. Only certain products will be affected, like ARM rate, etc.

Finished another marathon the past weekend. This was my 4th marathon this year. I had a great time to race in Portland, Oregon. It rained 2nd half of the marathon race, so I had some "bad" experience because of that. But overall, I like the trip. Besides, my wife and my daughter finished the half marathon there, and they enjoyed the food, the race, the overall trip. And they did not have much of the rain. The rain was heavy after mile 13. 

I may change a little bit for the readings. Some times, I found that I had to finish the book just because I purchased the book. Now I found that it is good enough if we can just finish a few chapters. And it is better to keep notes, write summaries, etc. It will help you understand and benefit a lot from the readings. 
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Posted by Eric Fang on October 10th, 2016 5:19 PM



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