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You can make the difference
November 16th, 2010 2:24 PM

Last year, I read a book called "The Power of Small" by
Linda Kaplan Thaler. It talked about why little things
make all the difference(even a little good habbit,
a little good wish, or small effort will make yourself,
or the company or the world different).

And I am very happy today. Not because of the high rate
we are having now because of the bond selloff yesterday,
it's because one peroson make one lender a better one.

We used to have one lender with the best rates on the market.
But we don't submit(or afraid of submitting) loans to them
because of their unreasonable requirements. For the years
2002-2003, I sent 100% loans to them, and now I am sending
less than 5% loans to them.

But I changed my mind today. This lender just changed the
manager and the underwriter over the branch, and make the loan
processing very efficient now. And I am willing to work with
them again. And even in the current busy turns around time,
I can close the loans around 20 - 25 days now.

So even a small change of the teams, will make the company
(or branch) different.

What does that mean to my borrowers? You guys will get better
rates. And I will submit more loans to them.

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