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No Need to Maximize the Return
April 4th, 2012 10:19 AM

Talked to one of the best friends over the weekend.
We talked a little bit about my running, my pick
of the bank statement, and his pick of home builder
and Home Depot and Lowe stocks. I know he is doing
well on the career and the investment.But what
impressed me the most is: You don't have to maximize
the investment returns.

I agree with him. First, we can not predict which is
the best investment. Though we know (last year) that
BOFA and other bank stocks will go up, but we still
can not put all eggs in one basket.

It is very similar for the interest rates. We all
want to have the lowest interest rates. But it's too
late when we know the bottom.

Looking back, On SEp 23, 2011 Blog, I predicted 30
yr fixed rate for 3.5%; 15 yr fixed rate to 2.875%.
I know it was a history. But I did have one client
got 2.875% for 15 yr fixed; one client got 3.55%
for 30 yr fixed(best timing, a few hours). But I do
have a lot of clients got 2.9x to 3% for 15 yr fixed
and 3.6x% to 3.625% for 30 yr fixed.

Here are the links for your reference:
1)15 Yr fixed have lower Trading Coupons
2)Sep 2011 Newsletter.

Very interesting. Is not it?

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Posted by Eric Fang on April 4th, 2012 10:19 AMPost a Comment

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