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New York Marathon Today
November 3rd, 2013 9:58 AM

Oct passed easily, I finished 158 miles in that month.
And it's very close to this year's goal of 1500 miles(
already finished 1418 miles).

I completed only 6 miles easy run this morning,
after 20 miles run with pace of 8:30 yesterday.
It's so relaxing and entertaining to watch the
NYCM on the web.

I hope we can watch Boston Marathon, and other
major marathons on the web in the future.

And not sure when I can qualify those events,
age 50, or 55 or 60?

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Posted by Eric Fang on November 3rd, 2013 9:58 AMPost a Comment

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Good luck with your running!

Posted by TrueFi LLC on November 5th, 2013 9:14 AM



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