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Why lots of quitters?
November 20th, 2017 4:03 PM
Continue the reading of "A Walk in the woods". Finished 102 pages so far.

AT(Appalachian Trail) is a little bit different from PCT(Pacific Crest Trail). For AT, there are people who will pick you up at Atlanta and take you to Amicalola for a fee. So the driver would see a lot of different hikers, and some of them quit so easily. Normally only about 10% of the hikers will make it from Springer to Katahdin(in New Hampshire). Here are some of the stories for those who quitted at the first a few days:
1)A guy called the driver from a pay phone 3 days later saying that he would go home, and that the trail was not what he expected. So the driver took him back to the airport. Two days later. This guy was back again, saying that his wife made him back since he spent so much money on the equipment. After 3 days on the trail, this guy wanted to quit again and asked the driver to pick him up again. The driver asked "What about your wife?". The hiker said that I was not going home.

2)Three girls from California started the trail in real high spirits. About 4 hours later, they called and said that they wanted to go home. They came all the way from California, and just spent on the trail for 4 hours, and wanted to quit so soon. And the reason was also the trail was not what they expected. 

 Normally people will invest a lot of time and money to prepare for AT and PCT. And would try some short trips first, then prepare the PCT or AT. This reminded me some other people's investment for stocks and real estate. It might not be as what we expected. Bit it will cost us money to "quit".

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Posted by Eric Fang on November 20th, 2017 4:03 PMPost a Comment

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