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What is a good agent?
February 11th, 2013 10:56 PM

Had a lunch with a realtor Friday. We talked about the business
and how to improve the service level to our clients. Here is a
story she told me:

She has a client who tried to find an investment property starting
from last year. The client started with 245k range, and did not
get the any property because of playing low balls. And now the
client tried to bid for 290k range for the same size of houses.
She wished that whe was a little bit psuh to help the client
make the decision.

That's very true. For my case, my clients got the best rates
they wanted. Those who missed the boat are the ones who wanted
really low rates, like 30 yr fixed 3% for 417k loan; 3.125% to
3.25% for 600k loans. And now I asked my clients to pay a little
bit cost to get good rental rates. And most of them took my advice

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