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If you can think like you would think 10 years later ...
April 7th, 2020 6:10 PM
I still close a lot of loans every month. But I do not work too hard till 1am or 2am as I did 10 years ago. I know it is not good health if I continue to do so. And 10 years later, if I reflected how hard I worked on the loans, I would regret the time I spent on "making" the money.

Sometimes, we would think how enough is enough. How much money is enough for our daily needs, how much food we need to consume, and how important is the readings, travel in our daily life.

Recently, I found it was very interesting for more readings. 1)We do not understand when we read some books. We are not familiar with the subject, or the person names, etc. Or we could not even remember what we read. 2)If I had the time and read the books the second time or third time, you will find that your reading is so different. Mainly that's because you understand more and have those dots connected.

And now I am reading some books which I do not understand at all. Sometimes, I think it is good that we can remember some basics.
A few days ago, we I read the book : Educated: A memoir. The author had a class in Cambridge, and they learnt "positive freedom" and "negative freedom". And I am so proud that I knew this was from Isaiah Berlin. Then I realized that more readings do help me understand more.

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