Insurance Updates:

Could you please help with the loss payee updates?

For insurance updates,
Loss Payee:
Googain Inc.,

ISAOA (Its successors and/or assigns) 

1288 Kifer Road Ste 208
Sunnyvale CA 94086

Could you please also help send the proof the premium paid in full?

Esign Email:
Could you please complete the esign?

Once you finish esign, could you please open the wet sign file, print out, then date and sign?
The password is last 6 digits of your SSN. 

For the closing cost, we will have a lump sum credit at the closing to cover all the closing costs.I will review it with you right before the closing.

On the attached LE file, item A-E will be covered by the lender, property tax and insurance on item F will be removed at the closing, you will pay the pre-paid interest. And you will skip one month payment because of this.

Application Email:
Could you please go to, click Apply, then Click Apply Now?
Choose : Bingbiao Fang as the loan agent at the end of the application.

Could you please accept the econsent by using the authorization code: 

Once account created, Could you please upload the following to googain portal?

1)one month paystub

2)Two month bank statements

3)2020, 2019w2
3b)2020/2019 tax returns with all pages.

3c)insurance, property tax statement, mortgage statement, HOA statement for all properties

4)a copy of your driver license

For the closing email:
1)Please help login lender website, and request the payoff demand.
You can have the closing date 08/16/2021.
If they ask the fax number, please ask them fax to 408-228-0568.

2)Please review the closing statement. The closing cost are all covered.
We did not have the payoff demand yet.
3)If you pay $4135.5 then you will get refund.
Otherwise, you can pay around  $2300 and get refund, assume you made 08/01 mortgage payments
4)Please use BOFA #2540 as the closing check. 

Other passwords:

EricFang EPPS:Yangzhou88!8
EricFang Encompass: Nantong77!7 

Website Admin:

Yaozheng: CosmosNanjing8!



FirstAM: Chester99!9

Advantage: NanjingCosmos8!


5. Insurance info:


Specialty Insurance
AMEX 1-888-404-5365
Fax: 920-330-5607
Westwood Ins
Metlife 800-438-6388
AAA insurance borrower will provide the payment in full
Safeco 800-578-6701 




EOI Direct CosmosNanjing8!