Are you in the market for a new home?  There’s much to consider when looking at houses. One thing you may wonder about is real estate agents.  Is there a good reason why buyers want to deal with only one real estate agent as opposed to more than one?

The biggest reason for using only one real estate agent is building a great working relationship.  If you’re using more than one real estate agent, you may find it hard to establish trust with each one. Using only one real estate agent will allow you to establish rapport, trust, and good communication to get you the best house possible.

If you’re working with more than one agent, things can be difficult. You may forget to convey certain requirements to all of the agents in the same manner. You may be looking for in a house is a large master bathroom or another specific feature. Failing to let one real estate agent know of your desires could mean spending all day looking at houses that don’t meet your requirements.

A good real estate agent will do more than merely show houses. They’ll begin the process by getting to know you. They’ll interview everyone involved to determine the type of house you want, what features are important, how much you’d like to spend, and a specific location you may be interested in living.

In actuality, the interview process allows the real estate agent to know what your family wants and needs in a house and will give them the information they need to make that a reality. They’ll be able to sort through the houses on the market to find the ones that will meet your family’s requirements. This will allow for focused viewing when it comes time to look at houses instead of going to see every house in your area.

Real estate agents will also help you get early loan approval when you’re starting out. This will enable both you and the agent to know how much house you can afford. Having this information may further reduce the number of houses you’ll have to view before finding one that suits you.

Ultimately, having a good working relationship with their clients is to the real estate agent’s benefit, as well. They’ll know what the buyer is looking for and be able to provide the highest level of customer service possible to help the buyer get into their dream home.

Depending upon where you live, the real estate agent may ask you to sign a buyer-broker contract. This contract basically says you will not use another agent when looking for your new home. There is usually a time limit associated with this contract from as little as three months to as much as three years. Read the terms of the contract before signing it to avoid having to deal with an agent you’re not comfortable with.

Having one real estate agent will increase your chances of finding the house you want, being able to negotiate a price that you can afford, and aid you in buying that house. Imagine the headaches you could face if you worked with more than one. Reducing the stress of buying a house is why buyers want to deal with only one real estate agent when looking for a house. Make sure it’s a Buyers Agent who will only be representing YOUR interests!