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Smarter for the Year 2016?
December 21st, 2015 11:16 PM
At the end of every year, there are some marketing companies will "help" you to grow the business, and and help you work smarter and just count the money at the beach, and yes, if you are willing to pay them the money.

And there are some runners magazines will teach you to burn 10 more pounds down, and train smartly and PR a few more minutes. There are lots of wishes from everyone.

And yes, I registered 4 marathons next year, including one in Portland, Oregon. I am starting running marathons in other states first, then those big ones out of the country. It will be interesting. And they are on my list.

I started training this weekend by running 11 miles Saturday, 11 miles Sunday. I did not hurt myself by running, but twisted my hips just because of crossing the fence for the dog at home. I know I am getting older. Anyway, I will get it fixed tomorrow. I have the doctor knows how to fix the problems.

My coach already had the plan for me for the Napa Marathon. But I might just run this one for fun, and may focus on the half marathon the first half of 2016. Anyway, my goal is just just PR for the races, I will have to relax and enjoy sometimes as well.

The rate went up a little bit. And there are still some clients decided to consolidate the debts. At least they want my advice on how to save money on the mortgages.

And I was one of the top loan originators for the year of 2015. And my friend told me that why I should care. I know I should not. But I am glad that I am doing well while still enjoying the running the 4 marathons I've completed this year.

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