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Is this the sunk cost?

February 9th, 2017 10:37 PM by Eric Fang

I used the security company for ADT for sometime, then switched to Monitronics. I do not know why I switched, maybe because the sales person stopped by, and persuaded us. But it was more than 6 years ago. Same as the insurance company, though you paid the fees, and you wish you nothing will happen. 

After 6 years, I guessed the sensor was old, and it did not function well. Then I called Moni. The customer service was one of the worst ones. Instead of trying to help me to resolve the issues, they just tried to "avoid it". And they did not bother or know how to bypass the annoying beep sound caused by the dysfunctioning sensor. I guessed the customer service persons did not know how to fix it. And third guys finally knew the problem, and instead of sending a technician over, they sent me the replacement of the sensor, and asked me to install it. And apparently I could not do it. So I called , and the technician came over today, and told me that I could not never DIY since it required me to open the security box and program it. How did I know?

The best option I have now is to get rid of this company, and get the service from another company. Because of the laziness of the human being(myself), It may take a few months to get the new service. I know it is not the sunk cost(see the definition here: But since we already know the company and service are bad, why we still keep them.

It reminded myself about some of the clients or prospects when I did the mortgage business. For a few years, I had the lowest rate on the market, and some clients would check with me for the rates, and before they planned to switch to me, the other agent said that I can "match" the rate. My question to the client, since that agent did not get you the best rate at the beginning, then why still stick with the agent. There might be some sunk cost involved(like the appraisal fee, credit report fees etc), is not it better to work with an agent with better rate and honest service?

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Posted by Eric Fang on February 9th, 2017 10:37 PM



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