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Another good sign for us economy (or at least for the builder)?
August 28th, 2015 1:46 PM
I have one purchase loan ready for the signoff since Wednesday. I know that I got the loan cleared too early(which is good), but the escrow did not schedule the signoff for my clients to sign.

And finally they replied my email back saying that we are so busy for the signing at the month end, and we will work on your loan docs early next week. I did not hear this kind of news for a long time.

For my own transaction, I have 6 purchase loans ready to be closed in Sep.  3 Move-ups, 1 Rental Purchase, 2 First Time Buyers. It is good when we have so many first time buyers, move-ups on the market.

And we have other two buyers already signed the contract with the builders, and will start the loan process once we have a closing date.  

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Posted by Eric Fang on August 28th, 2015 1:46 PMPost a Comment

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