Here are the list for 2016 and 201520172018.

I started the following books in 2018, and completed in 2019:

1)Friend & Foe, when to corporate, when to Compete and How to Succeed at Both. Completed Jan 15, 2019.

2)Fifth Risk. Completed Jan 30, 2019. I will add the link for the notes later on when I am not that busy.

3)边境·近境(村上春树)In Chinese.

4) 我的情绪为何被他人左右

25)How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes. Completed.

26)What you can Change and What you Can't. Completed.

27)Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard. Completed 07/04/2019

28)The Art of Travel. Completed 07/10/2019.

29)Becoming. Completed 08/12/2019

30)Talking to Strangers. Completed 11/08/2019

31)The courage to be Disliked. Completed 11/22/2019

32)The World is Flat. Completed.
33)Thank you for Being Late. Completed.

34)Londoners. Completed.

35)Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Will be finished within the next two weeks.

36)The second Mountain.

That is all for the year 2019.