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What is my goal?
January 19th, 2016 11:17 AM
It is not a difficult question, but sometimes we confused ourselves. 

During the December marathon race, I met a group of runners, and I even ran a few miles with them. The leader of the group kept telling them that "our goal would be qualifying for Boston, not personal best. So please do not run too fast and hit the wall."  So they have a specific goal. And this indeed helped me as well since that's also my goal, and then I slowed down as well to avoid the cramps.

Same thing would happen for the investment as well. A lot of people wants to have the goal of "making money". And then they do not have specific plans, and even though they fulfilled the dream, that making money only might not make them happy, if living a happy life is not on their goal list.

For the mortgage industry, we found that some borrower's only goal was to have a lower rate. But that goal will not be good for everyone. Some people wants to have a fixed rate for a feeling of peace of mind; others might to have 15 yr fixed to payoff the rate faster. Or someone might to have lowerest rate so that they can qualify for more purchases. But still we need a goal.

For my running, my actual goal was to run 100 marathons before the age of 75. It might be easy for the other people, it is hard for me since I started running at age of 45. So my goal is not a PR for the race, I need to have injury-free of running "career". So adjusted my strategy recently by running 10 seconds per mile slower. This would help me keep healthy and fulfill my dream.

Starting this year, I will focus on my main job, the mortgage origination.  Though  I had lots of runnings in the morning last year, I was still the top producer in the company. This year, I wish I could do better,I will make sure that my clients get the best rates as well as the best service. 

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Posted by Eric Fang on January 19th, 2016 11:17 AMPost a Comment

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