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Time flies. And 2016 was a year full of surprises. And 2017 will be a year 
of uncertainties and opportunities. Hopefully everyone will do better this year.

I completed 5 Marathons last year(Napa, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Portland, CIM).
The highlights for this year will be Boston in April.

Here are the summary of the mortgage updates for the
month of Feb 2017:

1)Rate Trend
The interest rate went up a lot after the 2016 Election. From now on,
I believe the rate will stay at this level for sometime. The future direction
will depends more on the economic data. Because of the Fed decision to
hike the rates about 3 times this year, we can not expect much lower rate
from the current level this year.   But we still have very good rates for
5/1 ARM 2.875% for the loan amount amount 400k for no closing cost at all.

2)Cash-out Loans
We are now allowed to cash-out refinance for up to 10 financed properties.

3)RSU Used as income for the loan qualification.
Some lenders will allow to use RSU as income if you have two years' history(
and some other criteria needs to be satisfied)

4)Assets Can be used as income for the loan qualification.
If you have huge assets in stocks and IRA accounts, it will help you to qualify the loans.

4)DTI 50%
The general requirement for Debt to Income ratio is 43% or less, but we can still get you loans as long as DTI <50%.

5)US Economy and Stocks.
Equity market should still have another good year. But we may see a correction after April/May. And we might
have good interest rates when the stock market is down.

6)Real Estate Market
Bay Area RE market is still hot because of the short inventory. Some other hot markets are: Seattle, Portland, Denver, Dallas, etc.